How I used Hair Paint Wax on My Natural Hair

Hair paint wax has changed the game for naturals around the world. This trendy alternative to hair dye is exactly what naturals dream of when switching up color without the damaging effects of real dye. I remember seeing it for the first time on one of the natural hair influencers I follow and immediately knew I wanted in. Being able to achieve different style colors within a month was a dream come true for me. At first I was a little skeptical because my hair is dark brown and I was unsure if the color would even show. Let me tell you, do not be afraid, because no matter what color you choose the color will pop.

Before this trend hit the market I dyed my hair a burgundy color. Now the results were bomb but there was a few things I failed to do to keep up with this new color. First, I use to play in my hair too often. I shortly after got a sew-in and had to make sure my edges were out for the “natural” look. Secondly, I could not put them flat irons down. This resulting in my edges being super skimpy. Thank God for edge control because, baby, tragic.

Permanent burgundy dye done before hair paint wax was introduced
Permanent Burgundy Dye 2014

So to my surprise, last year I got a chance to try hair paint wax out. The fact that if I apply this and then wash my hair it would be gone with no consequences, was all I needed to hear.

I know there are questions on how to apply, what brands to use and so forth so I compiled a few question/answer segments below to help better guide you in your future decision.

How Do You Apply The Hair Paint Wax?

A pretty simple but messy process, hair paint wax is just another quick step in your weekly hair routine. I recommend since it can get messy, to apply with gloves and/or have a shirt you wouldn’t mind getting messy. Now it is not permanent dye so when you do wash your clothes it easily washes off like it never happened. I usually always work in sections when it comes to my hair. It will allow you to make sure that you don’t miss a section. With hair paint wax, you can work your way from your ends to your scalp for even distribution. I wouldn’t advice over applying because you hair may become stiff and flaky. We do not want that. Finally, you can allow it to air-dry or if pressed for time sit under the dryer.

How Long Does The Wax Last?

Hair paint wax usually last between 4-5 days. Thats if you stay out your hair and wear your bonnet/scarf at night. Like before it can easily transfer to clothing objects, pillows, jackets etc, so needing a touchup is perfectly ok.

Is It Easy to Rinse Out?

The answer is yes! The great thing about this temporary hair dye is that just as easy as it was applied, it is just as easy to wash out. Depending on how long you’ve had it on your hair and how often you did touch ups, I would suggest using clarifying shampoo or pre-poo (pre-shampoo) to get rid of any buildup. We always want to work with clean squeaky hair so make sure to properly cleanse your hair before moving forward with a new style.

What Brands Have You Used?

I’ve only used one particular brand, which is the official Hair Paint Wax brand. You can find them on Instagram at @hairpaintwax. Or their official website They have a variety of colors to pick and choose from. The great thing about this brand and product is that you are able to be creative and mix and match colors. Creating ombre and/or rainbow looks with your hair is always a fun project. There are also other brands that work perfectly fine that you can research.

I have recently tried another color from their selection, red. I thought since fall is just a few days away, why not get into the fall vibe of things. Plus, this time my hair is shorter and I have blond tips. So seeing how my hair turned out was exciting. Here is a mini video on how I achieved this inspired fall look with Hair Paint Wax.

Are There Any Downsides?

There could be possible downsides depending on your application technique and hair type. For those with finer hair, the hair paint may weigh down your hair, not giving you the volume you desire. Like before always apply a small amount and add if necessary. Another downside is that it can get flaky if you apply too much or even depends on the products you used before applying the wax.

Hair Paint Wax is a great alternative if you are scared to dye your hair and possibly damage it. It will give you that flexibility and versatility to change up your hair game weekly. If you do not have a trusted colorist and still want to dive into color this is for you. Gurus, would you try a temporary dye and if so, what colors are you thinking. Would love to hear.

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