5 Fall Hair Tips To Survive The Colder Months

Fall is literally around the corner. The sun will go to bed earlier and the days will get colder. The drop in temperature means you have to pull out your jackets and maybe your boots, but not only that, changing your hair routine to survive, especially with natural hair. To continue allowing your hair to thrive, here are 5 haircare tips you can do to survive the colder months.

1. Add Deep Conditioning to your Schedule Once a Week

  • As you may know, during the colder month natural hair can get super dry, resulting in weak, brittle hair, which promote breakage. Deep conditioning your hair at least once a week will allow your hair to get the necessary moisture needed to fight against the brutal weather. Not only is deep conditioning great, it gives yourself some self-care time while doing so. Read, write, indulge in a face mask, relax.

2. Get That Well Needed Trim

  • Do not forget to get your regular trims. If its every 4 months or twice a year, get that trim so you can dust those already shaggy old ends off. This will allow you get rid of split ends that can overtime damage your hair shaft through being brittle and causing breakage.

3. Protective Styles Are Your Best Friend

  • I always say protective styles are meant to cut down on your everyday styling/hair manipulation. They are not meant to be up for long periods of time. Protective styles keeps your ends protected, resulting in less breakage over time. Some examples of protective styles can be braids, twist, bantu knots, even wigs. Make sure to rock those style but also give your hair the needed break from them as well.

4. Heavy Oils are for Colder Months

  • Yeah we all love us some argan or tea tree oil. The oil is light and great for summer/spring months. Instead, opt-in for castor oil, or jojoba oil. These will help penetrate your strands, giving your hair the moisture it needs. Oh, don’t forget to add those hot oil treatments in too!

5. Stay Away from Rough Clothing Material 

  • Rough knitted material can snag your hair promoting more breakage. When you start wearing hats and scarves, make sure to line your hat with silk material. This rule does not just apply for your silk bonnets or pillows, it also applies to your hats and scarves as well.

These are just a few prep tips for the fall/winter months to help ease your healthy hair growth journey in the winter months. It can be a lot but creating the weekly hair schedule will save you. Remember, do not forget to deep condition, I do not care if you wash your hair apply the conditioner and go to the gym, put a silk cap on and keep it moving.

What are some things you’ve done to prep your hair for the colder months of the year?

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