The Real About Short Hair | What You Should Know

I was juggling with the idea of cutting my hair for years. “Would it look right?” “Will my head look big?” “I don’t think my head is shaped the right way for a short cut.” All these questions and concerns crossed my mind. I even thought I wouldn’t have to comb my hair much, so I can give myself a nice vacation from full wash days. 

Well, May 2019, I took the leap and cut it myself and finally went to a professional in July to get it done right. I loved it. Waking up adding moisturizer, water to activate them curls and going about my day.

And babyyy, wash day… Wash day amazing! Tell me why it took me about and hour and some change to finish my hair. It was lovely y’all! I was living the sweet life.

But The Real Gag.. 

Growing out stage. Nobody really warned me about how horrible it can be to grow out short hair. It can be worse than managing long hair, if you want me to be honest. Not only is it hard to manage but you are going through this really awkward stage where you do not know what to do with your hair. Luckily for me, all this was happening during quarantine. So I wasn’t going anywhere, wasn’t being seen and it gave me an excuse to look crazy in the comfort of my own home. But for those who decide to cut there hair and grow out here are a few pointers to take with you if you are thinking of cutting or if you have cut it and think about growing out your hair.

  1. Head Wraps are Your Best Friend
    1. Quarantine is in the process of lifting and the world is opening. In about 6 plus months your hair will be grown out in that stage where you don’t know what to do with it. Invest in head wraps. It can dress up your outfit, hide your hair, and be a protective style all at the same time.
  2. Do Not Go Over a Week Without Washing
    1. This will cause a tangled mess. I did that most of quartile and I almost wanted to rip my hair out. Them baby nots are no joke. Ain’t no start from the end and work your way up. Your hair is as long as the brush/wide tooth comb width. Just keep up with your regular wash week schedule ok
  3. Get Your Regular Trims
    1. Piggybacking off them knots. Those angel nots are no joke on short hair. Make sure you go to your go-to stylist and get your trims. It will help you tremendously.
  4. Be Patient
    1. Be patient with your hair growth and know that in a blink of an eye your hair will pass that awkward stage. Don’t think to much of the process and just do. I’m a year after my big chop and I can put my hair in a ponytail now. It is easier to comb and shapes my face better.

Cutting your hair is a boss ass move and all but if you are thinking about growing it back, have a plan to help manage this awkward stage. It can be a pain in butt, but you can do it. If you can manage long hair I know you can do this. Gurus, what are some tips or experiences that you’ve been through when you cut your hair and grew it back?

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