Flexi Rod Recipe | The Curly Guru

Hey Curly Gurus,

I’m here to show you how I achieved this flawless flexi rod set on my hair using Mielle Organics products. This segment is for the curly gurus who necessarily don’t like watching youtube videos, but rather look at a recipe to try out different styles. When I first started my healthy hair journey back in 2014, I started incorporating flexi rods in my hair routine. At the time I had heat damage, so my wash n go’s where a-little limp. Flexi rods gave me more volume and defined curls. Now I love using flexi rods. They do me no wrong.

Now, Mielle Organics is one of my favorite brands to use. I’ve been using their product since 2016, it it never fails me. You can buy either through their online site or stores like Target, Walmart, Sally, etc. Here are the results I got using all of their products.

Ok! I know you want to see the recipe, so here you go! Try this recipe out for your next flexi rod set. When you do let me know how bomb your hair turned out!

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