3 Everyday Shoes to Get Your Feet Through the Day

Our feet connect our body to the earth, so it is only right to make sure we take every measure to take care of them on and off the ground. As someone living with arthritis we are confined to our shoe choices, sometimes having to compromise style with comfort. Given, we will sacrifice our feet for a few hours in our favorite heels and instantly regret an hour in. But that allows us to have those important photos ops necessary for the gram.

Our feet are made up of 28 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligament that work together to help support, balance and mobilize our every move, so it is only right to have shoes that not only give you complete comfort but style. For those who do not want to compromise style for comfort I have comprised a list of shoes that are meant for casual everyday wear.

  1. Crocs
    • Me and crocs go back almost a decade, before the arthritis and pain and they haven’t left my side since. Not only are crocs convenient, they provide comfort like no other. There are of course pros and cons when it comes to shoes but a great plus is crocs provide ample amount of room if your feet swell. Usually when you wear a gym shoe that is tight over the day you feet may swell and this can get very uncomfortable and resulting in your inability to walk well. Crocs are also easy slip on slip off. The classic crocs also have the back support that can help support the foot while walking. You can even decorate them to your liking because we all no the classics are just plain boring. Great for running errands, for work footwear and more.
  2. New Balances
    • New Balances have been my go to for a few years now. Not only do they have a sole that helps support long day wearing, but they are stylish. They are on the dressier side of gym shoe wear. You can wear when going out to the mall, lunch with friends or a road trip. Depending on the style of New Balance, you can even have some for walking, running, etc.
  3. Nike
    • You can’t go wrong with Nike. I primarily use this brand for my workout shoes. Not only are they comfortable, but supportive, but also provides great style for a day out for errands or in the gym. I always go for the colorful shoes because I just like colorful shoes lol. Also, they provides shoes without shoe laces. You can easily slide in and out and still provides a comfort fit that is not too tight but tight enough just in case your feet swell.

All in all, find you a few pairs of shoes that provide comfort, style and convenience to your life. Crocs are number 1 and will always be number one until someone comes with some fire! Don’t compromise your comfort for style because you will regret it. What are your go-to everyday shoe for your feet? I would love to know.

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