3 Tips To Knock Off 2 Hours on Wash Day

Hello Curly Gurus!

There’s no secret that wash day can be a lengthy, sometimes challenging arm workout. All in itself its a part time job. Throughout my healthy hair journey wash day either took between 3-5 hours. It all depends on the current state of my hair and what I planned on doing with it. But I also face one more challenge, swollen fingers and hands. When doing your hair you are using every part of the fingers, hands, and wrist. It can take a toll and make it harder to do ones hair. Over the past few years I’ve learned and incorporated techniques that will make it easier for me to knock off 1-2 hours on wash day. Here are 3 tips to help you knock off 2 hours on wash day. Guru’s let’s work smart not hard!

  1. Section Hair in 4 Sections or More.
  • This is one thing I swear by when I say it makes everything so much easier when it comes to detangling, washing and even styling. When working in smaller sections, this allows you to cater to that section. When I say cater, I mean treat with care and take your time, if thats detangling, washing and making sure you get every part of your scalp, or just making sure all products are distributed evenly with styling product to get optimal results. Please please please just section hair before you do anything.
  1. Detangle with a Wide Tooth Comb
  • The wide tooth comb is your friend. Gurus repeat after me… THE WIDE TOOTH COMB IS YOUR FRIEND. Gurus, I do not want to see nor hear that you are detangling with a rattail comb or any comb smaller than a wide tooth comb. I have about 3 WTC in my stash. Make sure to stay ready. The wide tooth comb allows you to detangle without creating too much tension which minimizes breakage through this process. 
  1. Work on Damp Hair
  • Do you have a spray bottle with water in your haircare stash? If so, make sure to have that full and ready after washing and deep conditioning your hair. After washing or rinsing out your deep conditioner it may take you another 1-2 hours to style your hair. Your hair will not stay damp throughout that duration. Make sure to have that spray bottle ready for when you are ready to style each section. When working on dry hair it is harder to style and may cause extra unwanted breakage. I also think you get better results from styling when your hair is damp then if done dry.

Some of these tips are probably no brainers for some, but for some it may be new news. We want to work smart when it comes to catering to our healthy tresses. Make sure to use some of these tips on your next wash day. What are some techniques you use to make wash day easier? I would love to hear it.

P.S. Again, make sure to work in sections, thats hair law!

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