7 Self-Care Tips for RA Warriors During The Pandemic

We all know by know how stressful 2020 has been for us. We came into the New Year with great intentions, resolutions and goals. But month after month there was tragedy, starting with Kobe Bryant to the news of COVID 19 outbreak, to the constant injustice toward African Americans that has lead to the continued movement to bring justice and equality for all in America. I know this can bring on more stress in our lives because of isolation, lack of medical attention, loss of jobs, and constant oppression. Of course the list goes on.

There is always light in these situations that we can look to help us cope with our daily lives to make it more pleasant and less stressful. Here are 7 tips you can incorporate in your daily self-care routine during this time of crisis that will help you relax and limit inflammation. 

  1. Silence Social Media
    1. With everything going on in the world, social media can bring stress to your daily life. Usually when stress is present, inflammation is knocking on your joints more than usual. Resulting in more pain plus the symptoms that come with it. Limit your time on social media to the bare minimum and focus on time with family.
  2. Take Medication As Prescribed
    1. We sometimes fall short of our schedule when it comes to taking our medication resulting in the ineffectiveness of how well the medication can help. So I suggest to set a daily alarm at a time where you are not busy and take that time to take your medication. A consistent schedule will allow consistent results when it comes to medication effects. Have more than one medicine or multiple daily vitamins? Buy a medicine organizer where you can keep up with all your daily and weekly doses to assure you don’t miss a beat.
  3. Find a Hobby
    1. Hobbies aren’t suppose to challenge you or stress you out more. It is something that you enjoy and allows peace in your daily life. One hobby that I picked up during this time is coloring in my adult coloring book. It quiets my minds and allows me to focus on the fun task at hand. It reminds me of how I enjoyed coloring as a child. Again, our goal during this time is to lessen the daily stress.
  4. Take a Nap
    1. Now for those who knows me know I love me a good nap. Remember your body is fighting itself constantly and in order to repair itself, you have to rest when needed. We may be tired more than the average person so do not beat yourself up when you are taking more naps because of your fatigue. Did I say this may lessen that stress? Plus who doesn’t like a good nap.
  5. Invest in Essential Oils
    1. It took me years before I discovered the benefits of essential oils for pain relieve. There are plenty of essential oils that aid in the relieve of pain and inflammation in joints. Add a nice essential oil joint rub to your self-care routine daily. This will make you feel refreshed and almost better than the day before.
  6. Exercise
    1. Extraneous exercise like running can be good but long term can be more damaging on your joints than you think. So switch to low impact exercise like swimming or yoga. Yoga is great because not only is it exercise it help stretch those achy joint allowing ultimate relief and range of motion. Make sure to find time out your day to move.
  7. Build That Immune System
    1. You need no reminder that RA is an autoimmune disease, where the disease and medicine suppresses your immune system making you more susceptible to infections, viruses and more. Having a healthy palette at the kitchen table is vital to your overall health around this time of crisis. Didn’t your mother say a colorful palette is a healthy palette? Eat those fruits and vegetables and lesson up on that processed food that feeds inflammation. Your body will thank you.

Adding these tips to my daily regimen has helped me through this stressful time. Your body will thank you in the end. It is only right to take care of your body especially since it’x at constant war with itself. Let me know some of your self-care tips thats been helping you all 2020.

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